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Boy Scout Troop 363
(Eden Valley - Watkins, Minnesota)
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Health & Other Forms

Every Boy Scout and Cub Scout needs to complete a medical record form, it's good for one year if no medical changes.

Short Term Medical Record

This is for camps with a stay of less than 72 hours such as our Cub Camps Phillippo, Kiwanis, Stearns.

Long Term Medical Record

This is for a stay of 72 hours or more such as Many Point and Tomahawk, and also any high adventure activity.

Northern Star Council Health Waiver

If you are opting not to complete a health form this needs to be completed. This form can be found at the Northern Star Council website.

Adult Scouting Application is attached below.

A sheet showing where to place uniform patchs on at is attached below.

A Merit Badge Counselor Application is attached below.



Icon File Name Comment  
Boy Scout Uniform Patch Placement.pdf  
Merit Badge Counselor Application.pdf