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Troop 212 2019-2020 Campouts

2019 Campouts

Smith rock

Troop 212's second trip up Smith rock was a fun, yet changing and rewarding hike. 
To the scouts' relief, the temperature was nice and cool; the weather was perfect 
for hiking! Nearly three miles, and one thousand feet later, we reached the peak and
 the views at the peak were great. About and hour and several sandwiches later, we 
headed down the back side of the rock that exposed Monkey Face Rock. We headed 
back to our campsite and prepared a "feast" for the hungry and tired scouts. We rested
up and headed home the next day. What a beautiful hike. Can't wait to come back to 
smith rock again sometime. 

Looking back, maybe the food wasn't so great after all, but smith rock is a favorite 
spot among scouts, at least when it's not too hot out. 

The scouts horse around on a boulder before beginning their
hike around smith rock.

T-posing for maximum cool in the shade.

Taking a short break at the peak of smith rock. Sandwich time!
The scouts found shady spot to rest while the rest of the
group catches up
View of monkey face from inside a mini cave
Bon Appetit! "Pizza" dinner for the scouts tonight
The scouts horse around  on the boulder for the last time
before heading home

2020 Camping Trips

Government Camp Winter Lodge

Found a spot by the parking lot to go sledding

A scout makes a silly face for the camera

A scout was caught off guard by the historian after falling off
his sled.

The scouts prepared dinner after a long day of travel and snow
Elk Steak and potatoes for dinner, a scouter's delicacy.
The scouters are energized and wide awake after enjoying a 
reese's puffs breakfast. Chow!
After getting unstuck from the parking lot, the scouts head